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About Silva's


My name is Amelia Rohr (formally Bryant). I Got married 11/30/2022. I have 1 dog, Kai. I love traveling, exploring new places and trying new restaurants. I am obsessed with crystals and candles. I am a licensed massage therapist, practicing since 2013. I graduated from Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth. I always knew I wanted to be a therapist, but I was unsure of which area to pursue.  Massage therapy changed everything for me and I'm thankful this is where my journey has led me. I believe in fully listening to the guest’s needs/concerns and being able to customize a session that addresses their unique issues. No two sessions are exactly the same. I love growing and expanding my knowledge of massage and the different types of modalities. I offer take home remedies to continue and/or prolong the results of your massage and overall well-being.

I can’t wait to start your customized sensory journey with you!

The story behind the name: Silva
Phelomina Silva-Bryant was my mother’s name. Silva was her maiden name, originating in the Cape Verde Islands. She was young, adventurous, strong, resilient and I swear anything she touched gave off a warm glow. She worked in the field of non-profit and, alongside my father Michael, she cared for people with special needs. She enjoyed being not only a mother to my sister, my brother and me but she was also a pretty great grandma to my niece. Family is EVERYTHING, a safe place. She stood firm when it came to peace and comfort. She believed that touch was powerful and it could heal more than just the body, but your mind and soul. She encouraged me to become the therapist I am today, she was my personal cheerleader. She believed in the work I do, and her dream was to see me succeed in owning my craft and sharing it with as many people as possible.
She is my motivation to get up each day and thrive to make sure that you are not only getting a massage, but an overall healing experience.

Rest in the greatest paradise mom...

Phelomina Silva-Bryant


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