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Purple is color of the Crown chakra
Crown chakra is the Seventh primary chakra, this Chakra enhances your access to clarity and enlightened wisdom. The affirmation used with this chakra is, "I am that I am." Stress and emotional upset can cause blockages with your crown chakra.  If you feel your crown chakra becoming blocked, you should take a deep breath in through your nose and as you exhale, feels yourself relax as you imagine and flower blooming from the top of your head. 


White Sage is hand wrapped with purple rose petals to amplify the purple energy. It's the most versatile smudge stick which has been used for centuries to cleanse and purify negative energy while attracting positivity. It will also help in improving your mood and relieving stress and anxiety.


Palo Santo means “holy wood”, which has been used to cleanse space and repel evil spirits. Burning a Palo Santo stick is great to use for relieving stress, anxiety while re-connecting ourselves. Its warm woodsy sent has both grounding and creativity-enhancing effects.


Spikenard Rope Incense is extracted from the Spikenard plant, white and red Sandalwood, Sungandhi Bal and Clove. Great for pre-meditation for its grounding aroma. You can burn rope incense by lying it flat on a bed of sand or incense burner. This Incense is handcrafted from plants and herbs of the high Himalayas.


Amethyst is one of the must-have crystals, Amethyst helps in unplugging from unhealthy attachments and cleansing the body and mind from negativity in the aura. It creates ultraviolet protective lights and could help people having a hard time sleeping or having nightmares. A stone of transcendence, it highlights physical powers and blesses everyone within its magical energy field. 


Abalone Shell is used in smudging as a natural bowl to hold while you smudge so as to catch the ash that falls. They are also quite beautiful to have on display on your altar as a smudge stick holder. 


Feather Fan is often used in smudging practices, as it helps to both move the smoke in the direction that you would like it to cleanse as well to help agitate the embers to increase the amount of smoke that comes from the different smudge sticks. 

Crown Chakra Smudge Kit

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