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The Heart Chakra (The Anahata Chakra) is the energetic center of your body. In it exists powerful, divine energy that links the spiritual and physical realms. This chakra enables your ability to love and be loved; how well it functions has a direct correlation to how you view and accept the world. As the energetic center of the body, it transmutes the energy of the lower chakras to the upper. 


You may need to work with your Anahata Chakra if: you tend to be overly judgmental to yourself, you often seek unrequited love, you have commitment issues, and/or are overly critical of yourself.

Heart chakra meditation can help you find emotional balance in your life. It gives you the power to let go of stress and make room for more love. Become a ray of sunshine as you learn to forgive, develop compassion, and heal your broken heart.


Items included in this kit--


Floral White Sage is the most well-known and versatile smudging material which has been used for centuries to cleanse and purify negative energy and attract positivity. It will help in improving your mood and relieving stress and anxiety.


Rosemary White Sage allows you to let go of any negative thoughts with its beautiful aroma. It’s known for assisting brain function and memory. A great choice for pre-meditation rituals. Our Rosemary and White Sage combination stick will also bring all the powerful benefits of White Sage. 


Rose Quartz is a classic love crystal, perfect for attracting new love and healing heartbreak. Also helps open the heart to new levels of compassion and forgiveness. When you are feeling heaviness in your mind, meditate with your Rose Quartz on your chest and visualize its pink energy filling your heart and lift the weight for you. Try to place Rose Quartz everywhere in your home, the more Rose Quartz in your life, the lovelier!


Rhodonite is known for its capacity to support emotional healing. It will help you decipher inner visions about our purpose in life. This beautiful stone also helps to release blocked energy from within the heart chakra. The stone represents an open heart chakra where love and compassion are allowed to energize the rest of the body.


White Onyx is generally related to the crown and third-eye chakra, but it's a powerful stone for inner strength that helps you become more comfortable with yourself. It will go on to expand your capacity of love and connection to yourself and others. 


Palo Santo means “holy wood”, has been used to cleanse space and repel evil spirits. Burning a Palo Santo stick is great to use for relieving stress, anxiety while reconnecting ourselves. It’s warm woodsy scent has both grounding and creativity enhancing effects.

Heart Chakra Smudge Kit

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